Meet the Brewer


Meet the Master Brewer

Mickey’s passion for brewing knows no bounds - he has brewed over x amount of beers, covering lager, pilsner, sours and everything in between. Keep reading to find out more.

Question: When did you start thinking about a career in brewing?

Answer: I started homebrewing while I was a student in Leeds University. When some of my friends opened a successful catering company, I decided to try follow my passion and become a professional brewer. From there I spent a year working at Leeds Brewery while still at University, which was a fantastic starting point as I gained a huge amount of knowledge.

Q: Sounds great! What was the next step?

A: After graduating I moved to London, I spent 7 months experimenting with a variety of beers and brewing techniques, before starting to study with the World Brewing Academy in 2016, which was 3 months spent between Chicago and Munich. I then secured a brewer position with O’Hara’s Beers, and during this time I also

Q: What was a highlight?

A: Definitely the time spent with the World Brewing Academy, because it provided such extensive training in brewing techniques and sensory analysis. After graduating, myself and members of the course spent a week traveling around Germany and Belgium visiting different breweries… of course we sampled their beers too!