2018 in Urban Brews


All the beers we brewed in 2018

Cheers to all the team and those who came from overseas to collaborate with us!

2018 has been rather a brewtiful year!

Our brewer Mariano

Our brewer Mariano

Our head brewer Mickey

Our head brewer Mickey

  • Aphrodisiac Stout - 5.5 ABV - A rich stout with Oysters- minerality addition, cocoa nibs- rich, bitter chocolate aroma & flavour, Chili- soft heat and flavour. Brewed for St. Valentine’s Day.

  • White Wine Yeast IPA - 4 ABV - IPA fermented with white wine yeast. Very hazy & very pale colour. Hallertau blanc, Mosaic, Huel Melon hops for grape skin, tropical fruit aroma and flavours. Firm bitterness  & big hop aroma from a heavy dry hop.

  • Hallertau Blanc Kolsch - 5.3 ABV - A German style lagered Ale, Very light and easy drinking. Light lager like malt on the palate. Hallertau Blanc (Germany) dry hop for big aroma & flavour.

  • Rye Stout - 4.8 ABV - 7 different malts make a Dark, rich, roast malt & chocolate character. Spice, liqourice from rye malt.

  • Barrel Aged Stout - 6 ABV - A spontaneously fermented wheat beer, aged in virgin oak for 6 months. Naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in the barrel & air ferment and soured this beer.

  • Rye IPA - 5.6 ABV - Light Amber colour. Tropical, orange hop aroma.

  • Wee Heavy - 6 ABV - Dark, Malty rich Scottish style ale. Residual sweetness & warming alcohol. Great winter beer.

  • Yerba Mate & Grapefruit IPA - 6 ABV - Pan American IPA, South & North. Yerba Mate is a traditional South American tea with woody, smoky notes.

  • Altbier - 5.4 ABV - Traditional German style Ale. Light amber colour. Lagered for a dry finish & smooth texture with moderate, soft carbonation Lots of malt character, moderate bitterness, dry finish.

  • Sour Saison with Apricot & Peach - 5.3 ABV - Gipsy Hill Collaboration. A quick souring process (18 hrs) in the brew kettle to reduce pH to 3.47. A high fermentation temp of 28C for lots of fruity esters. Peach & apricot juice to add some sweetness and fruit flavour & complexity overall.

  • Biere De Table - 3.9 ABV - Pale, cloudy Belgian style W/ Saison yeast fermentation. Aroma: bready, clove, floral. Flavour: Lemon, citrus. Dry finish.

  • Tangerine & Clementine Pale Ale - 4.5 ABV - Very light, lots of clementine & tangerine notes, some bitterness to finish.

  • Rooibos Wheat - 5.9 ABV -Pale, cloudy from the wheat; Banana and cloves notes and an addition of dark fruits notes from the Rooibos tea; Medium-high carbonation.

  • Dry Hopped Kolsch - 5.3 ABV - A lagered Ale, Very light and easy drinking. Light lager like malt on the palate. Mandarina Bavaria dry hop for big mandarin aroma & flavour.

  • Wild Atlantic Wave - 4.6 ABV - American style IPA with all whirlpool hop additions.

  • Nitro Pale Ale - 5.1 ABV - Heavily hopped with Azacca for big tropical fruit notes in aroma & flavour, smooth mouthfeel.

  • NEIPA - 4.8 ABV - New England style IPA with heavy dry hop for lots of hop aroma and a soft bitterness. Cloudy appearance. Lots of hop character and a full texture

  • Cucumber, Lime & Salt Ale - 3.8 ABV - Nicely balanced cucumber, lime & sea salt. Some salt flavour at the end helps enhance flavours, as with food. Dry finish.

  • Belgian Dubbel on Tart Cherries - 5.5 ABV - Collab brew with Mutters Milch of Vienna. A rich Belgian style ale brewed with Belgian candi sugar and Munich malt. Aged on Tart cherries for another level of richness.

  • Earl Grey IPA Vol2 - 5.8 ABV - A hop forward IPA. Earl Grey & Bergamot addition at the end of fermentation. Fruity, citrus tea flavours come through at the end & last. Balanced bitterness from hops and tannin from Tea.

  • Watermelon, Basil & Sea Salt Gose - 3.4 ABV - Lightly acidic, touch of sea salt, lots of watermelon flavour.

  • Mango Session - 4.6 ABV - Easy drinking american style pale ale with mango added at end of fermentation.

  • Pilsner - 4.3 ABV - A classic Czech style lager. Malt character and some hop bitterness.

  • Hibiscus Wheat - 5.5 ABV - Wheat beer with traditional German hops & American aromatic hops "Citra". Hibiscus added at end of fermentation for an intense fruity, tart flavour, aroma and bright pink-red colour.

  • Dry Hopped Kolsch - 5.8 ABV - A German style lagered Ale, Very light and easy drinking. Light lager like malt on the palate. Hallertau Blanc (Germany) dry hop for big aroma & flavour.

  • Grisette - 4.3 ABV - Belgian Saison style, with a kick of US Citra hops for fresh citrus aroma. Low alcohol, hoppy, "esters & phenols" from fermentation provide lots of fruit & spice flavours & aromas.

  • Belgian Pale - 4.4ABV - Belgian style ale with typical fermentation characters including clove, spice. Dry hopped with Amarillo.

  • Azacca Nitro Pale Ale - 5.8 ABV - Heavily hopped with Azacca for big tropical fruit notes in aroma & flavour. Mouthfeel should be smooth like other nitro beers e.g O Hara's Stout

  • EPIC IPA - 6.7 ABV - Brewed exclusively for Epic museum. An IPA with rye malt for a peppery, spice character, Hops from US (Amarillo) & Germany (Mittelfruh), English Ale yeast & Lemon Verbena from Argentina.

  • Mini State - 4.1 ABV - A 4% version of 51st state. American style IPA.

  • Peach Saison - 4.7 ABV - Belgian style Saison with Phenol & esters from fermentation, herbal, spice on the nose. Pale, hazy.

  • Passion Fruit Pale - 4.2 ABV - Sessionable pale ale with US hops and passion fruit addition at end of fermentation for a full tropical fruit aroma and nicely balanced sweetness and acidity from the fruit.

  • Session Pale - 4.2 ABV - A low ABV version of 51st state. American style IPA

  • Strawberries & Cream - 4.4 ABV - Cold fermentation gives this ale a smooth, creamy texture, hence the name. Pale in colour, smooth, creamy texture. Strawberry at end of fermentation . Contains no dairy.

  • Oktoberfestbier - 6.4 ABV - A smooth, clean, pale German style lager with moderate – strong bready malt flavours & light hop character. Brewed with German malts and hops. Nicely balanced and highly drinkable. Relatively clean fermentation character.
    Golden colour.

  • Pilsner - 4.7 ABV - A classic light Czech style lager. Malt character and subtle hop bitterness.

  • Blood Orange Blonde - 4.4 ABV - O' Hara's Natural Blonde with Blood Orange addition.

  • Raspberry Wit - 6.1 ABV - 3rd addition of one of our first beers. Wheat beer with raspberry added at the end of fermentation adding a slight tartness.

  • Seisiún Pale - 4 ABV - Light, hazy lower ABV pale ale, heavily hopped & dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, Hallertau Blanc.

  • Hazy IPA - 5 ABV - Hazy, hoppy IPA brewed with spelt, oats, wheat for more texture/viscosity. Big dry hop with US aroma hops.

  • Rye IPA - 5.3 ABV - Light Amber colour. Tropical, orange hop aroma. Big malt body with some residual sweetness & spice/black pepper from rye malt. Firm hop bitterness.

  • Saison W/ Belgian Candi Sugar, Sage, Orange Peel, Lemon Verbena - 6.4 ABV - It’s all in the name ;)

  • Belgian Wit - 5.4 ABV - With coriander seeds & orange peel to compliment phenols & esters in fermentation (spice, clove, banana flavours). Pale - orange hue in colour.

  • Bockbier Kollab Mit Karlsberg - 5.5 ABV - Collaboration brew W/ Karlsberg from Germany. Deep red - brown hue. Smooth lager texture with medium carbonation. Big rich, sweet malt flavour without the roast character of a stout. Brewed with malt from Ireland, England & Germany (Carafa spezial type iii).

See you for a pint of an Urban brew in 2019! ;)

Barrel ageing in our vaults.

Barrel ageing in our vaults.

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